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Accessibility table of contents

MLB.TV application information

The Media Player application found on this page is an HTML5 application and allows subscribers of Gameday Audio to access game audio broadcasts and subscribers of MLB.TV to access game video and audio broadcasts.

Existing subscribers should log in here.

To access this Media Player, you must be a subscriber. New users must subscribe to access this Media Player.

Subscribe here.

If you are having trouble accessing this Media Player please visit the MLB.TV Help Center.

Go to the Help Center

Additionally, you can contact our accessibility dedicated Customer Service in the following ways:

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the MLB.TV Media Player:

  • Space bar: Shortcut to Play/Pause.
  • "M" key: Mute/unmute.
  • "F" key: Enter/Exit full screen.
  • Tab key: Navigate to clickable items, menus and player controls.
  • Enter or return key: Activates focused link or control.
  • Escape key: Closes any open menu.
  • Right and left arrow keys: seek the player forward or back 15 seconds.
  • Up and down arrow keys: adjust the player volume up or down 10 percent.
  • Arrow keys when menus are open: Navigate the focused menu.